About Us

The "Data Experts Group" are developers and custodians of the "Integration Hub". We are based Melbourne, Australia and our focus is on empowering people throughout the world to better manage data.


Is the Integration Hub Free? Will I ever have to pay for it?

The integration hub is currently free to use. In the future we may offer paid plans for additional features, however there will always be a free version. Our revenue streams will come from premium support, data hosting, and consulting.

How do I report bugs or request features?

Please report any bugs and issues with the platform on our GitHub issues.

Can we audit your software? Is your software open source?

Yes, our software is 100% open source, and we welcome any code audits and security reviews. See our GitHub repositories to get started, or contact us for a walk-through.

Can I install this internally?

Yes, the central platform can be custom installed on internal servers. Contact us to discuss internal installation and support.