Before starting the tutorials, ensure that you are ready to go with the getting started guide.

Create a staging datalink

Create a simple datalink that loads data from a source table into a staging environment.

Encrypting / Decrypting Data

How to encrypt and decrypt table column using the “Secure Flag” attribute.

Loading data from a flat file

Loading a standard flat file (csv) into a datalink for processing.

Create a Datalink Group

This shows how to use the group transform by categorizing a list of movies by running time, and then grouping them and creating an aggregated count.

Joining a table in a datalink

Joining another table into a datalink.

Creating a Datalink Mapping

How to create various types of mappings with in the mapping transform.

Using the Row transform

This example uses the row transform to pivot a dataset where the months are columns, into a month as each row.

Loading data from a web service

This tutorial shows how to connect to a stock web service and looking a stock value.